Media Ministry

The Watchman Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement  Media department is composed of Audio, video, visuals, social media and more. If you have a strong love for the Lord and would like to help out in any of these areas, especially in times like these, please talk to the media coordinator.




  1. Before meeting starts –Arrive 60 minutes prior to every meeting to set up, turn on all audio and video equipment, do a sound check and prepare slide presentations.
  2. Recording Messages – Team is responsible for recording, mixing and uploading all preaching’s to the churches website.
  3. Photographs & videos – Team is responsible for taking a few pictures during every meeting and uploading them and posting them on YouTube, Facebook / twitter.
  4. Stage Area – Make sure all cables, instruments and stands are neatly set back into place after every meeting. You are responsible to keep an eye on things, specifically on special events where people from other congregations come into our church.
  5. Fasting & lifestyle – All team members are required to live a lifestyle of fasting, praying an intimacy with the Lord. If any team members is having problems at home, or with an area in their life they must seek counselling/advice from church pastor.
  6. Tithing – All team members are required to pay tithe and be committed with the Lord.
  7. Dress Code: All ushers must be dressed presentable in every service. Make sure clothing items do not promote anything ungodly.
  8. Special events – Entire team is required to help out at special events such as seminars, prayer’s sessions and joint meetings.